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Practice law, not marketing

You may be an excellent attorney, but without a steady stream of clients, you may as well be a janitor. And to obtain clients in today’s competitive landscape, you must become a great marketer, right? Wrong.

Increase your client base

Our simple but sophisticated Client Generation System creates clients without any effort on your part. It eliminates the tortuous guesswork and expense of a cross-media marketing campaign and replaces it with new cases.

Grow your practice

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the intricacies of Internet and social media legal lead generation. We’ve already taken care of that, so you can practice law, rather than reinvent the wheel.

Enhance your presence

You don’t need extra staff- we’ve taken care of that too. Our experienced and professional staff pre-screens potential clients on your behalf to ensure they meet your specific requirements, and introduces them to you seamlessly and exclusively.

Experience Explosive Growth

Exclusive, High-Quality Leads

Other companies provide the same potential client to multiple attorneys, which means you may be paying for someone else’s case. Our leads are transferred on an exclusive basis, to ensure you’re the only attorney they speak with.

Live Transfers

Our professional intake staff interviews each potential client to ensure they match your exact specifications, and provides seamless, live introductions.

No Commitments

No contracts or minimum spend requirements means less risk for greater reward.

Targeted Demographics

Our system ensures you get the exact case and client you’re looking for, in any jurisdiction.

Superior Quality

Say goodbye to dropped calls, unqualified leads, and poorly trained agents. Our quality control staff have years of experience and our technology ensures perfect, real-time connectivity.

Increase Your ROI

Our leads are live, exclusive and never ending. As long as you're prepared to grow, we're set to grow with you.

Auto Accidents

Our auto accident leads generate high-value cases and are the most comprehensive accident leads in the industry. Due to high demand, some states have higher pricing to maintain lead flow for our loyal clients.

Medical Devices

We’ve helped hundreds of attorneys grow their practices with high quality leads for hundreds defective medical devices, such as IVC filters, proton pump inhibitors, hip replacements, and hernia mesh implants.

Worker's Comp

If you’re looking for high quality worker’s compensation cases, our proprietary lead generation system is capable of delivering as many as you need. Just flick the switch and sign them up.

Drug Claims

Our system is capable of delivering excellent leads for complex product liability cases including defective prescription drugs, such as Invokana, Xeralto, Cipro, Levaquin, and drugs related to the opioid crisis.

Wage Theft

If you’re interested in growing your employment law practice, our proprietary lead generation system delivers hundreds of wage theft victims looking for attorneys to help them get the unpaid overtime, lunch breaks, sick leave, and other benefits they’ve been wrongfully denied.

Social Security Benefits

If you’re looking for new clients who need help with their social security disability claims, you will love the depth and quality of the leads our system can provide. Contact us to learn how we can help your practice expand.

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